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Our websites design process is focused around user experience and search engine ranking metrics. We go the extra mile to deliver an excellent experience for your users.

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Your website is the hub for your digital marketing strategy.

Most, if not all of your online marketing efforts direct potential customers and clients to your website. Before setting up an online advertising strategy, it is important to make sure that your website delivers a delightful user experience and efficiently conveys how a visitor can become a customer.

We take the time to examine your products and services and come up with a design that showcases your companies strengths and gives your users a positive interaction experience.

After settling on a design plan we begin the build process. Throughout the build process we optimize images, compress code and simplify layouts, all of this leads to a website we can launch with confidence. We always launch new builds with a Google Pagespeed score of at least 90. This gives us the confidence to know that search engines think of our websites as a high quality resource they can confidently share with their users.

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E-commerce is a massive industry with a wide variety of platforms and services to choose from. It can be hard to know what platform is best for your business, and which services integrate well with software that you rely on. At StoneArch we are familiar with many different payment processors, inventory management platforms and shipping solutions, we can use this knowledge to help you make an informed decision and then implement a successful e-commerce deployment.

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Ecommerce Web Development

Website Design

At StoneArch we build websites for the modern web. We use quick loading flat file content management systems whenever possible, and we design for responsive capability from the start. So, you know if your customers are coming from a desktop, tablet or mobile device, they are all going to get a great experience.

Before launching we compress images and test load times with tools like GT Metrix and Google Pagespeed. We won't go live until we produce a load time that has a positive impact on the pagespeed score.

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Northern Michigan Website Design & Development

Landing Pages

Landing pages are where you bring a potential customer from another platform onto your website. It is essential that you make a great first impression by serving a page that loads quickly, puts your branding front and center, and delivers a clear message to potential customers about what you want them to do next.

Great landing pages are very specific to each business and require planning on how to encourage a customer to follow your sales funnel. If this is something you haven't done for your business maybe it is time to request a free evaluation today.

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