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We leverage our experience on platforms like Google Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest to deliver above average results for our client base.

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Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing is the most efficient way for businesses to reach their target market.

PPC campaigns on social media platforms and search engines are able to track users behaviors and interests and serve your ads to people who are likely to be a member of your specific target audience. This kind of advertising eliminates the waste of showing ads to users who are not in your target market, which leads to significant boosts in your return on investment.

PPC marketing has become a relatively competitive advertising space, so it is really important to know your audience, and how to engage and convert potential customers. That is where StoneArch comes in, we have proven experience in creating and managing high quality PPC campaigns that deliver tangible results.

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Search Enging PPC

The Google Ads platform is probably the most powerful marketing tool that has ever been available to businesses. This platform gives us the ability to inject a link to our website in the search results of potential customers who are interested in categories related to your business. And, Google delivers over 5 billion search results per day, so there are plenty of opportunities to engage new customers!

However, the Google Ads platform has become a pretty competitive marketplace for advertisers, so it is more important than ever to have a team managing your campaigns efficiently.

Building efficient campaigns begins with defining your target market, determining positive keywords for your business and addressing and eliminating any negative keywords, then it is important for users to have a positive experience on your website after they click on your ad (which leads to the importance of landing pages).

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Social Media PPC

Social media advertising is a great, cost effective way of building your audience, and establishing trust with potential customers and clients. Social media advertising gives us the power to show ads to people we already have relationships with, and their connections. This type of advertising leverages the relationships you have already built, to help grow your audience and potential customer base.

Most social media platforms have a robust advertising platform built into them that advertisers can use to build effective ads and campaigns. Some of the most well known are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest, but there are also many industry specific social sites that offer the same type of advertising for their users.

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PPC Advertising & Digital Marketing

Display & Retargeting PPC

Website visitor re-targeting or re-marketing is a great way to keep your brand at the top of mind for new potential customers. Using this type of ad format gives us the ability to track website visitors and follow them across the entire internet after they leave your website. This is a great way to keep your potential clients and customers thinking about your business, even after they have left your website.

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