Hagstrom Builder

Hagstrom Builder is a full-service custom home builder and remodeler serving Minnesota, Wisconsin and Florida.

Services required:
Website Design & Build
Search Engine PPC Advertising
Social Media PPC Advertising
Website Visitor Retargeting  

The Challenge: Standing out as an exceptional builder among a crowded industry.

The custom home building industry is a crowded market. Many businesses claim to be luxury builders, but only a handful of companies actually have the knowledge and skill sets required to deliver a truly custom masterpiece. That is the unique challenge Hagstrom Builder faces: how can they convey to their customers that they are one of a select few builders that truly delivers a top of the line finished product?

We took this challenge head on and we worked with the team at Hagstrom Builder to completely rebuild their website to match the all new print marketing materials they had done completed. We needed to unify the message that they were sending to their audience.

Website Design

The website design and build process featured several unique challenges, one of them being we already had a design language that had been established that we needed to follow. The team at Hagstrom Builder had already poured countless hours into working with a top end designer to completely rethink their printed marketing materials and we needed to make sure our digital marketing efforts matched that same feel.

Through the design process we leaned heavily on inspiration from the existing materials but also added in some new and exciting design language that adjusted well to the web world. The final result is a website that feels like an extension of the printed materials, but also feels unique and well thought out for visitors.

As far as measurable results go, the bounce rates have been reduced significantly and the returning visitor numbers have taken a significant jump along with overall website traffic being up about 400%!

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Web Design & Development for Hagstrom Builder

Search & Social PPC Marketing

After launching the new website we developed an online advertising strategy specific to the needs for Hagstrom Builder. Two of the primary lead acquisition channels we planned to use were Search Engine PPC advertising and Social Media PPC advertising, specifically with Facebook and Instagram.

The search engine PPC campaigns centered around defining specific keywords and search phrases that potential customers may use in their search to find a builder.

The social media PPC campaigns centered around high quality photography and conveying the message of being a family owned business for over 50 years. We wanted to build ads that grabbed the attention of people who had never heard of Hagstrom Builder before, established trust with that same audience.

PPC Advertising & Digital Marketing

Visitor Retargeting

Through our PPC advertising campaigns we were generating a lot of new website traffic, especially from visitors who had never heard of Hagstrom Builder before. In order for us to make sure those potential customers didn't just leave the website and forget about the business, we set up a visitor retargeting campaign. This gave us the ability to display ads to website visitors who visited specific pages of the website and engage with them for 30 days after their initial website visit.

As we continue to refine the ad copy that is shown to previous visitors we have been able to raise our CTR from average for the industry up to above average and reduce our CPC expenses.

The Results: An ongoing relationship that continues to generate new ideas and establish new areas of growth.

We have been working alongside the Hagstrom Builder team for over 5 years, and we continue to innovate with new ideas and strategies while we refine and update our ongoing campaigns. We are building a long term platform of success for Hagstrom Builder to continue their mission of setting themselves apart from the competition.

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"We have worked with StoneArch for over 5 years to develop, execute and manage our website and PPC needs. It is always a joy to see all of the details and work come together to create a high quality end product."

Jill V. | Hagstrom Builder